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Kemptville, ON


In addition to the normal COVID-19 rules that we have implemented, the following regulations will be specific to our summer camp program.


If you feel sick, have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19, have been in the presence of anyone suspected to have COVID-19 or have travelled outside of the country recently, you must return home and re-attend at a later date.


Upon arrival, each participate will be asked to sign in and be screened. Screening will include a brief assessment questionnaire and temperature check. If the individual exhibits any symptoms of COVID-19, they will not be permitted to participate in the camp.


  • A mask MUST be worn while in the barn
  • Upon entering, please sanitize your hands at the station to your right before going any further
  • There are multiple hand washing stations throughout the barn that include hand sanitizer as well

Each participant will be assigned a set of grooming supplies, along with a saddle pad for the week. These items will only be used by the designated participant and stored safely away after each day of camp.

All tack and equipment will be cleaned after each use, and a safe disinfectant spray will be used on any items within the barn that have been used/touched such as brooms, cross ties, etc. This is to ensure that the items are safe and clean for the next person to use.

Our goal is to divide participants into groups of 5, and conduct the majority of the activities outside of the barn to ensure we can promote safe physical distancing as much as possible. Masks are not required outside when safe distancing can be practiced, but will be required upon entering the barn at all times.

Periodic temperature checks may occur throughout the day. Any participant that begins to exhibit any signs of illness while at camp will be removed from the group and required to be picked up by a parent or designated guardian as soon as possible.

We want to ensure that our staff and participants have a safe and enjoyable summer camp experience. Your cooperation with these guidelines is very much appreciated.

Thank you,

Debbie Williams