Turning Out Quality

Kemptville, ON


We are very pleased to welcome our riders back to the barn, but in order to ensure the safety of everyone, we have implemented the following mandatory rules:


If you feel sick, have experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, etc), been in the presence of anyone suspected to have COVID-19 or have travelled outside of the country within the last 14 days, you must return home and re-attend at a later date.


  • A mask MUST be worn while in the barn
  • Upon entering, please sign in and sanitize your hands at the station to your right before going any further
  • If there are 5 horse/rider combinations in the barn, please wait outside until space permits
  • We have staff on hand to help our young riders - to limit the number of individuals in the barn, we ask that parents/guardians remain outside of the barn       


  • Please only touch the equipment you require/intend to use - tack for school horses will be labelled, along with grooming supplies
  • Please clean up after yourself and your horse before exiting the barn to ride (sweep tack up spot, spray down cross ties, brooms, stall doors, gates to paddocks, etc with disinfectant provided)
  • There are multiple locations within the barn to wash and sanitize your hands - please make use of them


  • A mask is not required to be worn while riding as safe distancing can be maintained
  • The instructor will have a mask on hand, ready to be worn if a situation arises where they are required to approach the rider at a close distance


  • If there are 5 horse/rider combinations in the barn, please wait outside until space permits
  • Use the same spot to untack as you did to tack up
  • All tack and equipment used MUST be cleaned before it is put away - proper cleaning supplies are provided
  • Saddle pads (provided by Turnout Stables) are to be put in the laundry basket in the tack room to be cleaned
  • All brushes used for schooling horses will be put into the tub next to the sink to be properly washed and disinfected before their next use
  • All horses are to be sprayed down with alcohol (provided) before they are returned to their stall or paddocks
  • Please make sure to sweep your spot, and clean up your area prior to leaving
  • Cross ties, shovels, stall door handles, gates to paddocks, etc are to be sprayed down with the spray provided before leaving the barn. 

NOTE: Until the Provincial restrictions on gathering sizes changes, we would ask that only one parent /guardian accompany their child to the lessons. Our staff will assist young riders with tacking up and we respectfully request that parents wait outside the barn. We are a welcoming group at Turnout Stables and while we love to see our young riders supported by parents and extended families, we will have to keep the number of persons entering the barn to a minimum until restrictions change.

More information on COVID-19 from the local health unit can be found here: https://healthunit.org/coronavirus/

NOTICE: All riders will be asked to complete a new waiver form, and update their emergency contact information to ensure our records are up to date. Click the link below for waiver and rider information forms.

                      FORMS LIBRARY